Pacific Operators Offshore LLC


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Offshore Platforms

Two Platforms, Houchin and Hogan, with 60 and 66 slots, are located in Federal waters just outside the 3-mile state limit. A total of 72 active and inactive wells are currently located on the platforms, with artificial lift being the mode of operation.  Artificial equipment includes Sucker Rod Pumps, Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP), Electric Submersible Progressive Cavity Pumps (ESPCP), and Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP). 

The platforms also contain vessels for primary separation of gas from the liquids, test metering equipment, gas compressors and positive displacement pumps for fluid delivery to shore, flare stacks, fire water and safety equipment, electric service control rooms, etc. A spare 2000 KW is also located on platform Houchin as a back-up in case of power interruptions.  A contract well servicing rig exists on each platform capable to repair wells as needed.


Onshore Processing Facilities

A 3-phase oil and gas treatment plant processes the produced well fluids and conditions them for sales. The facilities were capable in 1968 to process 28,450 BOPD.

  • Inlet Separation.
  • Oil Treating System consists of Heater Treaters and Oil Tanks, then to Sales Meter.
  • Gas Processing System consists of Compression, Refrigeration and Dehydration, then to Sales Meter.
  • Water Treating System consists of Clarification Tanks, Water Tankage, Media Filters, Retention Vessel and pumps which deliver the water to Platform Hogan.